In a few short hours, Next Exit, Use Caution will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I’ve worked hard to get it to this point and, wow – what a ride!


After leaving everyone hanging at the end of Quarter Mile (sorry about that!) it was a priority for me to get the next book out ASAP so the wait wasn’t excruciating. Quarter Mile released on June 12, last summer. Here we are, eight months later, waiting for book 5 in the Exit Series to go live tomorrow. My goal last year was to get it out within 6 months. I missed that by 2 months. Even so, I’m still pretty darn proud of myself. Exhausted, drained and in desperate need of an entire day of sleep, but proud.


And, bonus, I’ve been told this is the best one yet! 😀


So what’s next? Champagne. Lots and lots of champagne! And then, it’s right back to work. You see, I’ve set yet another ambitious goal this year. With a little luck and a lot of work, I’m hoping to release the next book by the end of the year! If I stay on track, I think I just might do it.


But for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy tomorrow’s launch, sip champagne tomorrow night, and then hop back on the bike the next day. Cheers!



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