The first three historical thrillers in the exciting Shadows of War Series: The Courier, The Oslo Affair, and Night Falls on Norway.


Evelyn Ainsworth is not your average socialite.


As an heiress at the pinnacle of London society, she has everything her family’s wealth and breeding can offer. Yet beneath the polished surface lies a restlessness that has led her from a Kung Fu school in Hong Kong to driving fast sports cars throughout England. And, in 1938, it leads her down an even more dangerous road.


When the opportunity arises to use her unusual skills in service of her country, Evelyn leaps at the chance to make a difference in a war that she knows will tear Europe apart. But as she’s drawn deeper into the shadows of a conflict that no one but the enemy prepared for, the young socialite quickly learns that this is no game, and the stakes are much higher than she ever dreamed.


As intrigue engulfs her life in shadows, Evelyn discovers what it means to fight for what she believes in…


…and just what it will mean if she fails.



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