Alina ejected the magazine from her .45 and inserted a new one, never taking her eyes from the target positioned seventy-five feet away. She raised her arms and unloaded the new magazine, watching as the grouping from this round of shots went through the center of the established grouping on the target. A minute later she ejected the spent cartridge and lowered her arms. The modifications were perfect. Now to test the range. She turned and walked a few feet to her left, turning to face the target setup thirty yards away.


When she got back in the wee hours of the morning, Alina had been restless and unable to sleep. Dawn found her working on modifying her primary weapon, the Ruger SR45 that accompanied her everywhere. Raven, her black hawk, had watched from the roof of the stand-alone garage as she set up four targets in the backyard before finally going to sleep for a few hours. When she awoke in the early afternoon, Viper was still restless, but at least now she’d gotten some sleep. That counted for much more than it seemed, as she well knew.


Sliding a full magazine into place, she raised her arms and took aim. Her lips tightened imperceptibly. She didn’t have much time. The incident in Singapore had made that abundantly clear. The leak in Washington was getting bolder. She was going to have to move soon, and quickly. Whether Charlie was ready or not, they were almost out of time.

~ excerpt from Next Exit, Use Caution available to Pre-Order now!

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