While Great Britain stands alone against the might of the Third Reich, an even more sinister threat lurks in the halls of London…


As Hitler prepares to unleash the full force of his Luftwaffe against England, and the Battle of Britain takes hold of the skies, Evelyn Ainsworth is enjoying a much-needed holiday in London. When a chance conversation reveals the existence of a ruthless group of traitors, the MI6 agent is thrust back into the world of shadows where everyone has something to hide. Determined to expose those who would destroy England from within, Evelyn embarks on a dangerous game that could end her career…


Or her life.


In the skies above, the pilots she loves are facing an increasingly determined and deadly enemy. Knowing that invasion is imminent, Flight Lieutenant Miles Lacey and his squadron are busy defending convoys from Göring’s finest. But as war takes its toll, they begin to realize that they may not be enough to stop the onslaught that is coming.


Surrounded by the enemy, England’s sole defense lies with her RAF pilots, and a young socialite willing to sacrifice everything to save her country.





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