It’s been a long two years. Although it seems like I dropped from the face of the earth, I did not. I was writing. It’s what us introverts do. Some more than others.


A lot has happened in two years. My former website suffered an unexpected demise, resulting in this shiny new one that you have before you. Do you like? I enjoy the simplicity of it. Take a look around. Post a question in the forum. Subscribe to my (also) shiny new email update list. Pull up a chair, have a seat, and strap yourself in.


Because I’m just getting started.


I said it was coming. And it is. It is my absolute pleasure to reveal the cover to NEXT EXIT, QUARTER MILE right here, tomorrow!! I can’t wait! There were a lot of delays, and it seemed like everything was going wrong, but we got here. Finally! The fourth installment of the Exit Series is coming!

More on that tomorrow, but first…


I’d like to share a bit about my new email update subscription list. I know what you’re thinking. Oh my God, more emails??? I feel you. I hate getting 20 emails a week from a faceless entity that I don’t remember and don’t care about. Why is this email subscription different? Well, for starters, I suck at blogging. It’s a struggle to write 1 blog post every 4 months. I can guarantee you this, I don’t have the time or energy to devote to writing 20 emails a week to send to you guys. Sorry. I’d rather spend my free time writing the next book. That’s just the way it is. HOWEVER, I do want to let you all know when exciting things are happening: like a cover reveal for the next book, or the release date for the next book. If you like my books and want to know when to expect the next one, please sign up. I’ll send you an email only when big things are happening. I will NOT send you an email just to say Hi. Unless you’re Jason Statham or Robert Downey, Jr.  Then maybe.


If you decide to go out on a limb and click on the handy-dandy SUBSCRIPTION button in the footer of this site, you will find that you have two subscription options. You can choose Email Updates or Reader’s Club. (or both, if you’re adventurous) An Email Updates subscription is just that: email updates on upcoming releases and other big news. When Next Exit is made into a movie, I’ll let you know.


If you choose Reader’s Club, you join an elite club. Yes, club. You will receive notifications of exclusive giveaways, fun contests, and any other shenanigans I choose to engage in. In addition, you will also automatically be entered into a pool. What kind of pool, you ask? I’ll tell you. Starting with the release of book 5 in the Exit Series, I will randomly choose 10 members from the Reader’s Club to participate in an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) campaign. And by random, I mean random. All club members will be put into an automated scrambler online and the program will randomly choose names for me. I have no control whatsoever. Except to push the start button. I love pushing start buttons. Those lucky few will receive free copies of the new release 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF RELEASE DATE. You will be sent the book in the format of your choice, ebook or paperback. And yes. I said free. You will receive the ARC for free, along with a request that when you are finished reading the book, you leave an HONEST review on Amazon on the specified release day. I’m gonna be honest. Reviews are like gold, very hard to come by, and every one helps.


So that’s the scoop on the new Subscription gig. If you ever want to change your subscription from one to the other, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to do so. If you want to cancel, just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email you receive. Easy Peasy, no offense taken. So, if you feel so inclined, please feel free to subscribe! Oh, and the form asks for your birthday. Don’t worry. I don’t want the year. Who knows? Maybe I’ll send you a cake.


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