The fight is far from over.


After a mysterious assassin strikes too close to home, Viper has just one goal: retribution. But nothing is ever easy in New Jersey. Targeted by an invisible and nameless mastermind, Alina Maschik struggles to unravel the mystery cloaking her nemesis even as she fights for her own survival. When those closest to her become targets and the clock starts ticking, Viper knows her only hope lies with secrets from the past – secrets someone is determined to keep buried.


From the balmy, perfumed streets of Singapore to the suburbs of New Jersey, the country’s top assassin must stay one step ahead of a deadly foe. But not everyone is what they seem, and Viper must choose who she can trust…and who is a traitor.




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Shannon T

February 26, 2019

Already looking forward to the next book!!! CW Browning is my new favorite author. I love how she eases right into the next book, just as if it’s another chapter. You get hooked on the first page and it just gets better and better. I want to read thru it so fast, so I can see what happens and have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the adventure. These books just get better and better!!!