In the spring of 1940, all of Europe knows the war is about to explode. The only question is where.


When MI6 sends Evelyn Ainsworth back to Oslo, no one expects any complications, least of all Evelyn herself. With her identity locked down and her section classified, both her location and her mission are secure.


Or so they thought.


After months of inactivity and scattered warnings across Europe, Hitler finally moves, but not in the direction everyone expects. With tensions between England and Norway rising, the Führer seizes the opportunity to send an invasion force north – straight into Norway.


Trapped in Oslo and facing an advancing German army, Evelyn embarks on a desperate flight to escape the infamous SS. But a deadly foe is right behind her and, as time runs out, she must rely on others to get her out alive…


…or fall victim to the horrors of a war that has well and truly begun.





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