Four years ago, Viper was killed. But she never had any intention of remaining dead…


When Alina Maschik walked away from her former life, she was hoping to live in relative peace. She should have known better. As top energy executives across the world begin dropping dead, Viper comes out of retirement to do what she does best: the impossible. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, especially when the target is her husband.


Michael O’Reilly has a new life. After a tragic loss, he walked away from the civilian existence he knew and stepped into the shadows. But spying for his country brings its own challenges, and when his hunt for an international arms dealer takes him into the path of a dead assassin, things get complicated.


Racing across war-torn Ukraine, two operatives must forget the past and focus on finding the one man who can help locate a deadly foe before it’s too late…

…and Viper ends up dead for good.





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